How It Works

Step 1

1. Fill out the simple form

Use our online vehicle donation form to submit your information.

  • - Donating your vehicle is easy
  • - Vehicle donations accepted nationwide
Step 2

2. Schedule your free pick-up

We will arrange to pick up your vehicle when it is most convenient for you.

  • - Any vehicle is accepted
  • - Free towing for your charity vehicle donation with 24 hours
Step 3

3. Receive tax deduction

Once the vehicle donation is complete, you will receive your tax deductable vehicle donation receipt.

Charities We Work With

Two Cancer Charities - Two Different Non-Profit Missions

We only work with quality charities that truly care about their cause and use your contributions most effectively. Your generous car donation will help fight children's cancer.

American Children's Cancer Foundation's mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families affected by cancer, by helping people with limited finances and special needs receive funds to assist in meeting their financial needs and to reduce the stress and strain that managing cancer can cause. ACCF also provides funding toward research for children's cancers as well as fosters health wellness and a whole-body approach to cancer treatment and recovery.

We provide programs that allow parents to be supported and to know they are not alone. Since our founding in 2002, we have supported over 1,808 individuals and gifted over $1,000,000 in financial assistance. A parent should never have to worry about the financial and emotional burden brought on by cancer. TBCF’s programs allow parents to focus on what matters most, their child’s well-being, during one of the most difficult times of their young life.

Tax Deduction Information For Your Car Donation

The IRS has set the rules for the tax deduction of your vehicle donation

If Your Car Donation Sells for $500 Or Less

You can claim the fair market value of your vehicle up to and including $500, or the amount it is sold for if less than fair market value.

When you donate your car, you will receive a tax deductible receipt to be submitted with your taxes.

If Your Car Donation Sells for $501 Or More

You can claim the exact amount for which the vehicle is sold

When you donate your car, we will provide you with a tax deductible receipt

Within 30 days from the sale of your vehicle we will provide you with a 1098-C form to submit with your taxes

How to file your taxes

To receive a tax deduction for a donated vehicle, you must include any charitable contributions itemized on Schedule A of Form 1040 from the IRS. Include your Charity Auto Donation tax-deductible receipt with your tax return. You do not need to submit Form 1098-C if your vehicle sells for less than $500 as your official Charity Auto Donation receipt is considered sufficient documentation by the IRS. If your vehicle sells for more than $500 but less than $5,000 you will need to submit the provided 1098-C form along with form 8283.

For vehicles that sell for more than $5,000, your form 8283 will need to include signature from a qualified appraiser on IRS Form 8283, section B. You can access form 8283 here: IRS Form 8283

For additional information, the IRS provides A Donor's Guide to Car Donations (IRS Donation Guide 4303), which details the determination of the value of your donated vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions


What types of vehicles can be donated?

We accept all vehicle donations, and in most cases, we also accept boats, motorcycles, RV's, and campers.

If my vehicle is not running, can I still donate?

Yes, we accept all vehicles, running or non-running, and will pick-up the vehicle at no cost to you.

What paperwork do I need to donate my vehicle?

All you need is a title, free of all liens. We will request some general information from you at the time of donation such as, the year, make, and model of the car, as well as its general mechanical condition.

Is my donated vehicle tax -deductible?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(19) organization and have been approved by the IRS to receive donated items and issue a tax-deductible donation receipt for the item. Therefore, your vehicle donation may be 100% tax deductible based upon your personal tax situation. Please check with your tax advisor if you need more information.

What areas do you service?

We accept vehicle donations in every city in all 50 states.

What documents do I need to donate a car to charity?

Most states require that you have a clear title to the vehicle; some states also require a notarized signature to complete a donation. If your state requires a notary to sign the document, do not sign the title until you are in the presence of a notary.

What if the vehicle is not registered in my name?

The vehicle does not have to be registered in the donor's name. However, the person whose name is on the title must sign the title or fill out additional paperwork.

There are two people listed on the title, do both of us need to sign?

If more than one person is listed as an owner on the front of the title, they must also sign on the signature of seller line.

The Title Is In A Deceased Person's Name. How do I complete The Transfer Of Title?

Most states require a death certificate, the title and the executor rights paperwork. Please give us a call should you have further questions regarding your specific states law.

Tax Deduction

How much will I receive as a tax deduction for my vehicle?

For vehicles sold for under $500, you can claim the fair market value up to $500.00 without any additional paperwork. The preliminary tax receipt will be mailed after vehicle has been confirmed picked up.

If the gross proceeds for the sale of your donated vehicle exceeds $500.00, your deduction will be limited to the actual sale price. You will also be asked by the donee organization to provide your Social Security for the purposes of completing its IRS Form 1098-C form.

How do you determine the value of my vehicle?

The IRS allows the donor to determine the fair market value up to $500. If we sell your donated car for over $500, the IRS allows you to claim the selling price as a deduction.

When will I receive my tax receipt?

Processing your vehicle usually takes around 4 weeks but in some cases may take longer due to particular state title requirements or title laws.


How do I schedule a pick up?

Please call our toll free number when you are ready to donate (888) 743-0993

Who will pick up my vehicle?

We work with a network of professionally licensed, bonded and insured towing agencies throughout the U.S. that pick up vehicle donations. You will be contacted to arrange a time of pickup that is convenient for you and free of charge.

Do I have to be home when my vehicle is picked up?

No, you do not have to be present at time of pick-up. You will need to advise the towing company specifically where in the vehicle you will be leaving the title and the keys. The towing company will leave you a towing receipt showing that your vehicle was picked up. Remember to remove all personal belongings from vehicle and take off the license plate on the day the vehicle is scheduled for picked up.

How quickly can my vehicle be picked up?

All vehicles are picked up in a timely and professional manner, usually within 24-48 hours. A local towing company will call you to schedule a pick-up date that is convenient for you.

Can you pick up my vehicle if it's not at my home?

Yes, we can pick up you vehicle from anywhere you'd like us to. You will need to advise the towing company of vehicle location when you schedule pick up.

What will I receive at time of pick-up?

You will receive a temporary receipt from the towing company at the time of pickup. It will have all of your car's information along with our name and phone number. You just have to notify us once the car is picked up and we will mail the tax-deductible receipt to you.